Interiors on the Pages of Selvedge Magazine

Over the years, we've featured beautiful and eclectic abodes on the pages of Selvedge Magazine, many of them homes to designers and makers. We take a look back at some of our favourites...

In a recent issue, 87 Folk Art we visited Judith Espinar, the co-founder of Santa Fe International Folk Market, our partner for the 2020 Selvedge World Fair. She's an avid collector of all things folk art, and you could spend hours perusing her home and still find something new to look at. She has over a thousand pieces, dominated by ceramics and textiles. 

Judith uses the pieces in her collection on a daily basis, both galleryworthy and the more humble items. She's been collecting folk art since her 20's. Alongside textiles and ceramics she also collects New Mexico devotional art mostly bultos (religious figures) and retablos (paintings depicting religious teams).

In our summer issue 83 Cotton, we set up camp with Ruth Ribeaucourt. From her atelier she collects and sells antique as well as vintage fabrics and haberdashery, such as tapestry trims, French linen needle lace, naturally dyed cloth, ribbon trims, velvet boutonnieres, notions and dress applications. She was inspired to start her business upon discovering that her French in-laws had been making haute couture ribbons since 1864, and gained access to their archives. 

Ruth had always loved the idea of a pop up shop for the atelier. A few years after launching her company, she purchased the 1961 aptly-named ‘Escargot’ caravan that functions as a pop up shop for markets. 

In issue 66 India, we wandered off to Goa to visit the home of Antonia Graham, one of our fair exhibitors. She created a lifestyle store, Graham & Green, in 1974 importing beautiful crafted goods from India to the UK and other parts of Europe. 

The first shop opened in Notting Hill in 1974 and they are still going strong today with two shops, four catalogues a year and an online store. Antonia's house, filled with Indian textiles and assorted antique often serves as the back drop for Graham & Green catalogue shoots.









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