Laura Ellen Bacon’s latest immense installation, ‘Inundation’, is composed of thousands of willow rods meticulously tied together by hand to make huge basket-like structures which appear to pour from the ceiling and fill the floor of one of the large galleries at Ruthin Craft Centre. The work draws on the recent extreme flooding, both in North Wales and the Somerset Levels, where the willow for this work was grown. The waters, of course, eventually receded, having caused great hardship and destruction, but in time for the annual willow harvest. A memory of the event, however, is embodied in the material: Laura says, “In recent months, the willow I’ve received from Somerset has held trace markings left from the receding waterline of the floods. This fascinating trace on each stem has given me vivid, imaginary images of the thousands of willow stems standing stoutly in the flood, waiting quietly for the threatening water levels to drop.  Throughout the whole period of flooding and amid all the alarm and anxiety, the willow was standing, still and quiet; I can imagine how cloudy and cold the water was, how immensely crushed the ground below must have been, how the daylight would be mirrored brilliantly between the willow stems.” Within the installation a new waterline is established, a memory of recent events. ‘Inundation’, 2 August – 21 September 2014, Ruthin Craft Centre, The Centre for the Applied Arts, 
Park Road, Ruthin, Denbighshire LL15 1BB, T: +44 (0)1824 704774 IMG_4234blogIMG_4172blogIMG_4224

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  • jamie on

    beautiful installation and love the philosophical remembrance of these willows and its history. only wish to see this exhibition to explore its impact.


    Wonderful work! Beautiful and very meaningful.
    I’m delighted to have discovered Laura Ellen’s work…and to know about the Ruthin Craft Centre.
    Very best continuation of this quality!
    (also Adrienne Jalbert on Facebook)

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