Know Your Style

UK fashion journalist and lifestyle blogger Alyson Walsh has recently published a brand new book, Know Your Style. After speaking to fashion experts and creative women from around the globe, in this new publication Walsh gathers ideas and information to reveal how to dress with confidence, no matter what your age.

Chosen by the Swedish designer Gudrun Sjödén as one of her 'Colourful Women' ambassadors, Walsh’s work celebrates the style and lives of women who have surpassed young adulthood, pushing back against the fashion industry’s implicit stance that youth equals beauty.

In this new publication, Walsh offers simple style formulas and playful advice to ensure that you always look perfectly put together. Chapters cover workwear, weekend wear, layering, tailoring, and special events, so you’re prepared for any fashion occasion. Interviews with iconic, creative women talk the reader through their favourite outfits in detail and give tips on honing your personal style. Beautifully illustrated throughout, this is a stylish guide that celebrates women of all ages.

Illustrations by Ayumi Takahashi

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