Kopḗ London


Produced with care and shared values by an international community of makers and specialist craftsmen, there is a fully formed and admirable ethos behind Kopḗ London's chic aesthetic. Derived from the Greek word ‘Perikopḗ’ – meaning a cutting from a sacred writing, each Kopḗ piece is cut from a larger material both literally and metaphorically – in that it is inherently a part of a global design conversation. k2 Each design and technique used by Kopḗ is chosen with small scale, rather than mass production in mind, hence the well thought out and sensitive feel behind each piece. As well as Kopḗ London's mainstay range of finely made shibori, cashmere and silk scarves, the brand also collaborates with artists and artisan's, such as John Hyatt. Hyatt is vegan and in keeping with his vegan lifestyle, the 'Paint Brush' range of scarves featuring his paintings is also entirely vegan. We are delighted to be able to offer a Kopḗ London wash bag (as pictured above) to new and renewing Selvedge subscribers. kkj2  

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