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Tracking the production process of Camper shoes from the design studios in Mallorca, through the high tech mass facilities in the Far East, to the potential future of walking itself, the Design Museum's exhibition, 'Life on Foot' leaves no stone untouched. The family run company first began in 1877, with the Camper brand marking its 40th birthday this year – this exhibition is nothing if not extensive.

Camper Lab Store Berlin

Practically synonymous with arty, European city life, Camper shoe designs are recognisable a mile off and at the heart of Camper's design process is a deep appreciation of traditional craft and technique combined with an original and modern approach to design. This may sound like a relatively simplisitic soundbite, however, it is in fact an all too rare reality for successful brands today.

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For anyone at all interested in how a design collection comes together, this show is well worth a visit. You will leave knowing everything from how a collection is researched, created and presented to the graphics on the box.

Catch it before it ends on 1 November.


CAMPER AT THE DESIGN MUSEUM All images credited to Camper 13-Camper_Together-Shigeru_Ban_VOR_Pavilion

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