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Royal Ascot's 'Like Nowhere Else' campaign is drawn around the event's main four focuses; racing, pageantry, style and fine dining. Using these sub headings as a starting point, textile artist Lauren DiCioccio has made an embroidery illustrating the campaign. Given Ascot's traditional and posh reputation, DeCioccio's vibrant colours, original methods and delicate drawing add to the campaign a very well judged edge. The embroidery conveys both the event's history and potential for fun and glamour. Untitled As with all of DiCioccio's work, her embroidery for Royal Ascot is hand made, colourful and doesn't adhere to traditional haberdashery techniques. Untitled 3 Describing the process she uses to make her sculptures, she says, 'to make each piece, I work from the inside out, starting with perhaps a handful of stuffing and a square of felt, building shapes and gestures that are determined by the material and my own instinct to manipulate it.  After a coherent series of structures develops, I then start to carefully upholster, embroider, wrap, weave, felt or embellish over each form individually until it has developed its own identity and posture and thereby, personality.' Untitled 4 Her coded colour-alphabet paintings are particularly striking and read like pointillist magazine pages, or some kind of brail oxymoron. Perhaps one day she'll do one from a Selvedge page. Untitled

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