Losing the Compass


The current exhibition at The White Cube Mason's Yard explores what many makers and textiles enthusiasts already know – the social significance and power of something made with technical knowledge and skill passed through generations. red n b By beginning the show with works by Alighiero e Boetti, questions both clearly connected to and often overlooked with traditional textiles are examined – such as authorship, individual expression and culture – and immediately introduced, giving the rest of the show an excellent grounding. compass  Including works by Mona Hatoum, Mike Kelley, William Morris and Franz West, for a refreshing 'white cube' approach to textile art the show is well worth popping into. Read Geraldine Rudge's review of the show in the Carnival Issue of Selvedge. Losing the Compass Curated by Scott Cameron and Mathieu Catch it before it closes on 9 January 2016   lc   1. Alighiero e Boetti Perdere la Bussola 1988 Embroidery © DACS 2015. Photo © White Cube (George Darrell) 2. Amish Quilts A pieced 'Nine Patch' Amish crib quilt c.1910-1930 Embroidery 52 x 32 in. (132.1 x 81.3 cm) © the artist. Photo © White Cube (George Darrell) 3. Alighiero e Boetti A braccia conserte 1994 Embroidery 6 1/2 x 7 in. (16.5 x 17.7 cm) © DACS 2015. Photo © White Cube (George Darrell) 4. Amish Quilts A pieced 'Patchstar' variant quilt Second half 19th century Embroidery 85 x 82 in. (215.9 x 208.3 cm) © the artist. Photo © White Cube (George Darrell)

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