Luke Edward Hall for Burberry


You would be forgiven for wondering how a child’s drawings had gotten mixed up with the promotional shots. But no – Luke Edward Hall’s whimsical drawings were commissioned by Burberry for a new advertising campaign, and have bought colour and fun to the iconic brand’s summer collection. This is the first collaboration of its kind in Burberry’s history, and the artist in question is only 26. Illustration-of-The-Patchwork-by-Luke-Edward-Hall-for-Burberry-on-embargo-until-31-May-8AM-UK-time_001-324x420Illustration-of-The-Patchwork-by-Luke-Edward-Hall-for-Burberry-on-embargo-until-31-May-8AM-UK-time_002-324x420 Art and design have always been a part of Luke’s life. His career began during adolescence – forgoing the typical teenage ventures of paper-rounds and car washing – Luke produced fanzines and painted t-shirts to be sold in local shops. This eventually led to him studying menswear design at Central St. Martins, and starting up an online antiques shop called Fox & Flyte, with pop-up shops in both London and New York City. Luke seems to have the eye for one-of-a-kind curiosities – an aesthetic that is reflected in his naïve yet wholly original artistic style. 34C9772700000578-3617345-image-a-14_1464734508127Cjzq_kDUkAA-7WW Luke may be young, but in that sense he has something in common with the founder of his latest collaborative partner, Thomas Burberry. Back in 1856, the apprentice draper opened the first Burberry store in Basingstoke, at the age of just 21. 160 years later, the fashion house has dressed Arctic explorers, world leaders, musicians and actors, with stores in over fifty countries. One thing is clear: youth is not to be underestimated, certainly not in the case of Luke Edward Hall.

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