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Not-so-deep-down we all know that bargain high street clothes are the prices they are because of huge human and environmental compromises. And yet, for the most part, we still keep buying them. Safia Minney is the social entrepreneur and campaigner behind, amongst other things, the fair trade and environmentally friendly brand People Tree. Untitled With the aim of raising awareness of modern slavery in the fashion industry – and how it can be eradicated by businesses and consumers – Safia is embarking on a new project 'Slave to Fashion'. The project will involve a series of micro documentaries and interviews featuring stories of men, women and children caught in slavery, making the clothes sold on the high street, in Europe and the developing world. A book profiling the best ethical practice of brands and designers within the fashion industry is also in the works. Following the publishing of the book, Safia and her team will organise 'Slave To Fashion' education outreach events at schools to maximise the social impact of the campaign. image005 Modern slavery is abhorrent, especially when it comes down to another t-shirt that you don't really need. If this is something that interests you then take a look at the Slave to Fashion kickstarter campaign – with only a few days to go, all support is welcome. For more on ethical fashion make sure to pick up our September issue, which will include an article by Safia Minney.

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