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Strippy quilts are simple to cut and piece, look delightful and reward the maker with a finished quilt top in a relative jiffy. A strippy quilt is exactly what its name suggests: long strips of cloth sewn together in rows to create a quilt top. tumblr_ncprn0ejhz1s0ntwho2_1280 Originally popular between 1860 and 1930 in Wales and the North of England, they were often utilitarian rather than for display; although the plain strips provided an opportunity for the maker to really let their stitches sing out. The quilt design travelled to America, where the Amish community embraced its simplicity and adjusted its composition to suit their environment. There are also versions of Strippy quilts within Gee’s Bend designs – both old and new. strippy-2 I think of Strippy quilts as the ‘jeans and T-shirts’ of the quilt world. Not fancy, but extremely useful and easy in every sense. I imagine they provided light relief from some of the more complicated quilting techniques. Follow Cassandra's pattern and instructions to make your own Strippy Quilt. Read  more in Selvedge issue 63. DOWNLOAD INSTRUCTIONS DOWNLOAD PATTERN

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  • Pauline on

    I love this! I have been asked to make a quilt for a young couple buying their first home. This looks suitably modern, and straightforward to make.
    Thank you for the idea!

  • Helena on

    Hi Dorothy,I have used a lot of Superior thread but not their 12wt vagetraeid so I can’t give you a direct comparison but their thread is not hand-dyed which, in my opinion, gives a more natural gradient of color. For instance, their yellow gradually turns into orange and gradually into red rather than having one inch of yellow, followed by an inch of orange, and then a inch of red. I also like the luster of the hand-dyed thread as well as the fact that it is colorfast.

  • Athena Harris Ingall on

    Fabulous quilt. I have some lovely old Japanese cottons so I am going to use them to make this quilt!

  • braunelle on

    It looks great.

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