Make it Monday! Block printed wrapping paper from Angel Hughes

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Printing your own wrapping paper is simplicity itself. Any type of paper will do, butcher's or florist's paper is wonderfully cheap, brown paper can be lovely. I have used coloured sugar paper for my print. I have the advantage of endless blocks which we use to print our fabrics, in this case I have used a pattern called small peony. But if you don't have a block you can print using a wide variety of objects. Cut your own design from cork or use a potato. If you plan to print several metres of paper then it might be worth taking the time to carve a piece of lino. 

It's alsor possible to print with found objects such as cotton reels - designers such as Barron and Larcher were adept at this technique utilising car mats, kitchen utensils and shells. If you do want to invest in some blocks, old wood blocks from India can be found easily through the internet. 

The printing part has no mystery to it either. I like using plan printers ink, even plain black can create a lovely shiny surface when dry. Buy a pad big enough to accommodate your block or object, press the block in to the ink, transfer it to the paper, press down firmly and lift away. The placement of the blocks can be precise or random according to preference. Allow your paper to dry completely before using it to wrap your Christmas gifts.

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