Margrethe Odgaard


By Nickie Shobeiry

Born in Denmark, Margrethe Odgaard is an award-winning textiles designer. Before setting up her own studio in Copehagen, Odgaard worked in both the U.S. and Paris. Using responsibly-sourced materials and natural colours, Odgaard’s work is all at once vibrant and sophisticated.

+12629471274b470b37165ca+cc13_margrethe_odgaard_01Over the past year, the Danish concept of ‘hygge’ has taken over, one cosy tea-light at a time. Of course, minimalist Scandinavian design has been in the market way before that. Odgaard’s work combines both. As she told Muuto, the current generation of Scandinavian designers aim for making “beautiful and functional products for everyday life.”


History and culture are also important to Odgaard. Her line of cushions, ‘Astvin’ (meaning ‘beloved friend’ in Icelandic), were made using wool from Icelandic sheep, bought from Icelandic farmers. The wool was later spun using geothermal power. Her line of blankets, ‘Brynja’ (meaning ‘armour and protection’), were made in the same way.

Odgaard’s work is not just a palette of cool blues and stone greys. Her Colour Cup line showcases ribbons of reds, greens and yellows, as well as beaded light-bulb covers. For this line, Odgaard collaborated with women from KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, creating a sustainable business in the area. As well as this, Odgaard is one half of Included Middle, working with furniture designer Chris Halstrøm. Together, they create playful décor, with subtly clever designs.


With Copenhagen becoming a must-see city, Odgaard’s work and exhibits become even bigger attractions for textile-lovers alike.

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