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'Most craft work is both intrinsically solitary and unavoidably collegiate. If the independent textile artist makes work at the loom, say, she must do so in sole command of her materials, imagination and tools. Yet the social purpose of the work often requires social engagements, at every step from outline to finished product,' (Simon Olding, the Meteorological issue of Selvedge). With Cockpit Arts' Open Studios just around the corner, we caught up with a few of our favourite makers at the establishment famed for supporting and bringing talent together. unnamed Maria Sigma Open Studios its a perfect occasion for the public to have a look behind the scenes, meet the makers and their actual work space, sometimes even they have the chance to see them working. I really enjoy to see how much people are interested in learning about weaving and the whole process of making. I do believe that the importance of weaving must be more highlighted, as it is constantly present, yet often left unnoticed. The determinant role textiles play in our life, the power of colour, or the lack thereof, the achievement of high aesthetics through simplicity and the use of natural and sustainable materials, are my sources of inspiration and motivation. [embed][/embed] My work is practice-based sustainable design textiles that have a reduced impact on the environment. My approach to design is based on the idea of creating aesthetically engaging and functional textiles and objects with ‘zero waste’ design and craftsmanship. Through a constructive, and continuous, dialogue with traditional craft techniques my work aims at creating vibrant, albeit minimal, textiles that creatively interpret long-established techniques and styles yielding a vigorously contemporary and environmentally sustainable interlocutor. Maria Sigma Ariadne (of the Sea) Floor Cushion During Open Studios I will have a selection of my best selling Floor Cushions, Throws an Rugs as well as some samples of my new upcoming collection based on old traditional and unique weaving technique. Catarina Riccabona I really like the atmosphere in the building when all makers open their studios and it is possible to move through the whole building so freely and intuitively. It can be buzzing or calmly festive, it is always very friendly and welcoming. Open Studios give both makers and visitors the chance to talk and engage in a relaxed, informal way. I feel for me it is an exciting opportunity to build and maintain relationships with customers and get valuable feedback on my work. C_Riccabona hand-woven throw wine red1C_Riccabona hand-woven throw wine red2 This year I will have new hand-woven throws on display (see images) as well as a special Open Studios limited edition of hand-woven scarves. Their colours are earthy and elegant. They feel luxuriously soft and are designed for both men and women in mind. C_Riccabona hand-woven throw_with red I started out at Cockpit Arts a little over four years ago. I was part of the first cohort of six awardees to win the Cockpit Arts/Clothworkers' Foundation Award. This basically changed my life and enabled me to set up my weave business and do what I love to do. When the award came to an end there was a period of transition into the real world in terms of having to pay a proper studio rent, to invest in equipment etc. This transition has been quite challenging at times and I am glad I managed to stay on at Cockpit. What helped me most was the sense of being part of a community of people who know and understand my worries, who are with me through ups and downs. I received both practical tips and moral support from many colleagues as well as through the Cockpit Arts business advice team. It's a great way of learning... Come find me at Cockpit Arts Holborn where I will be showing my work in the Education Space or on the second weekend in my own studio on the third floor at Cockpit Arts Deptford (studio 303). Rosamund Hanny Coral Wing Rosamund Hanny This will be my second open studios and I have found them to be a great opportunity to promote and showcase my work to the public and gain feedback. Having received the Chelsea @ Cockpit Award I have found the business support and mentoring invaluable in pushing my creative practice and business forward. It is difficult as a graduate to start out in the creative industries and without the help of the award and the Cockpit community I don't think I would have been able to build my business. Holborn 24th – 27th November Opening Times: Thurs 6 – 9pm, Fri, Sat & Sun 11am – 6pm Cockpit Yard, Northington St, London, WC1N 2NP Deptford 2nd – 4th December Opening times: Fri 11am-9pm, Sat & Sun 11am-6pm 18-22 Creekside London, SE8 3DZ

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