We're not used to hearing about a material that is "fifteen times stronger than steel," being used for everyday footwear. "Dyneema® is used to moor oilrigs, sail ships, stop bullets and repair humans. As a thin microfibre, it can also be woven into a sock-thin fabric that is soft and silky to the touch while still offering maximum protection." slide-2-image-1 The Swiss Barefoot Company has come up with a sock-like shoe strong and flexible enough for practically any sport of activity. Originally inspired by kite surfers – who often cut their feet on hidden sharp objects whilst surfing – these shoes are designed to let the wearer move as though they were barefoot whilst also offering a chain mail like protection. SwissBarefootCompany-Socks_TheDyneemaProject Fascinating textile technology and perfect for rock climbing, volleyball or tightrope walking... The Swiss Barefoot Company [embed][/embed]

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