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After a successful Morocco textile tour, HALI will be taking visitors to Morocco for a second time, this autumn. The tour, run by the quarterly magazine, will feature visiting private collections to view little-seen examples of Moroccan textile arts, including carpets, rugs and embroideries. Three distinct aspects of Moroccan textile arts will be represented: those of the Arab world, the Berbers, and the cities, which convey the influence of Mediterranean style and design.

Moroccan carpets and the beauty of their simple aesthetic have often inspired contemporary interior designers, and thus the textile art traditions of Morocco are enjoying a great deal of attention from the wider art world. The country has a long and rich history of weaving and carpet making, attracting scholars of art and textile heritage to collect, study and appreciate Moroccan textiles. It will be the expertise and collections of such forward-thinking individuals that will provide the mainstay of material on the HALI Tour. 

Because national museums do not, sadly, hold great collections of the country's textile arts, it is only through local knowledge and special connections that visitors can access much of the most important pieces of Moroccan textiles. This access will be given to HALI tour guests, who will be invited to view private textile collections and talk to internationally recognised experts about the pieces on display.

Quite apart from the chance to discover these treasures of Moroccan textile heritage, the tour will also provide guests with the opportunity to visit four imperial cities, the Atlas mountains and various other architectural and archaeological highlights. Find out more by visiting

Blog by Jessica Edney.

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