New children's book from Lisa Stickley


Lisa Stickley is a self-described “obsessive collector”. The illustrator and designer loves to hoard inspiration, in the form of “things, objects, photos, bits & stuff and more”, which has helped her to develop a varied and colourful aesthetic in her design work. Lisa’s notecards have a wonderful cut-and-stick feel to them, and have been curated from images that caught the artist’s eye – like the collages that teenage girls have long been creating out of fashion and gossip magazines. mini books1 Meanwhile, the cushions, mugs and bedding that make up Lisa’s printed homeware collection are bright and feminine and floral. Perhaps it is because Lisa begins all of her designs on paper, using pens, paints and pastels rather than fancy digital software, that her style varies so much. Nevertheless, the artist’s creative joy and love of colour permeates throughout her portfolio, and has now manifested itself in a brand new endeavour. 81s58hW7OhL Not satisfied with a successful career in design – which began in her bedroom in the late nineties and has now led to collaborations with Debenhams and the Designers’ Guild – Lisa has now branched out into authorship. Her very first children’s book, Handstand, is beautifully illustrated by Lisa herself, and uses storytelling to help children learn how to count.Handstand was inspired by the books Lisa had as a child, and by her own children’s personalities. It is being released in UK bookstores this month. Handstands aren’t easy. Just ask Edith.  From standing on her hands for one second on Monday, she eventually does seven in a row on Sunday. But in between, she’s put off by worms, bees and a cheeky bird. Count along with Edith as she learns that practice makes perfect. Handstand by Lisa Stickley  Available now. pattern

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