New Designer: Eve Campbell

Every summer, breakthrough talents in fashion, textiles, surface design, jewellery, furniture and more converge under one roof in Islington, London. Over the years since its launch, New Designers has heralded many emerging designers who went on to become household names. This year's event was no different: over three-thousand new graduates of the top UK Art and Design universities wowed visitors with their creativity and ingenuity. 

Graduating from the Glasgow School of Art this summer with a degree in Fashion and Textiles, Eve Campbell, who works with printed surface design, captured the attention of many visitors at New Designers. Her On the Brink designs, created through screen printing and paper stencilling techniques, capture microcosms of colours, shapes and patterns from the west coast of Scotland.

For the show, Campbell worked on creating a printed collection that captures the transient nature of surface and form on Scotland West Coast. She studied small areas that could be described as a hinterland and areas on the brink of survival. On the boundary between the shore and the land lies the Scottish ‘tundra’ with lichens and mosses growing on rocks and plants with a delicate intricacy, demonstrating a resiliency to survive and thrive. Campbell has worked at capturing these microcosms of colour, pattern, shape and texture of ‘anti-fragile pioneers’ throughout her collection. She has also been creating surface patterns that are designed to exist in man-made environments and brings nature as an abstract form to peoples lives.

Campbell's prints were all created developing techniques and skills at paper stencilling, treating prints as if they were an extension of her sketchbook and drawings. What is unique about Campbell's artistic aesthetic is her spontaneity; her methods allow her to create whimsical one-off designs. She has also experimented with large-scale printing and explored different materials, such as clay and concrete, in her quest to hone her creative voice.

Blog post by Jessica Edney

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  • sue brick on

    Hi, I love Eve Campbell’s work and would like to enquire about buying some.
    Regards Sue

  • michelle collyer on

    Absolutely visceral. Campbell’s work has stirred my heart and evoked a very specific sense of space. There’s truth in this work.

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