Nicola Balakian takes over the Selvedge window


This month we have had the pleasure of welcoming Nicola Belakian’s work to our window. We found her last year at New Designers 2014 where we fell head over heels for her fun cable knitted carrot.

wood to use

Her work in the window is based around the theme of harvest and is all hand crafted. Nicola uses jute from old grain sacks as the foundation upon which she embroiders her designs of peas, cabbages and carrots. She incorporates knitting to create a three dimensional effect when combined with her embroidery.


Her decision to use jute is an interesting one as the material itself has a long history. Jute was originally used to carry crops, coffee, potatoes and fertilisers. It was even made waterproof by steeping it in whale oil allowing it to be used as tarpaulin in the Crimean war. Sarah Jane Downing explored this transformative material in the 5th issue of Selvedge.

For more information you can email Nicola at


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  • Tania Gibson on

    Amazing. Love the creativity of Nicola Balakian. One to watch………….

  • Laila Vijayan on

    Hi, thanks for the opportunity to comment -

    I was inspired to look further, when I saw this work previously, and I am so, so glad that there will be this chance for it to be viewed in a more wider scale – this kind of handiwork is so personal, cute and individual – I have not seen anything to compare out there.

    I am thinking, cushion covers, aprons, tea towels – there is a very real niche where I think we have not really seen talent of a similar quality and style.

    This work could also help introduce youngsters to attract them to be more arty and crafty, such skills must surely be fading out with the arrival of technology…

    I simply love it!

  • Sue on

    What a clever and novel idea to use the jute as a base/background for the harvest/vegetable theme, incorporating the embroidery and knitting. A perfect combination, giving the work texture and a rustic, natural look. So effective, unusual and different. I particularly like the peas in a pod.

  • Glynis McGurk on

    Wonderful original work from a very talented young lady.

  • Daryl Skeggs on

    Stunning work Nicola, really beautiful! I think your future in this field is limitless and you will have an amazing time ahead of you!

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