Northern Lights

In the latest Luna issue of Selvedge, we celebrate textiles that brighten up the dark nights of the Winter Solstice. In this exclusive excerpt, Bradley Quinn steps into the light of Astrid Krogh's glowing textile design...

Danish artist and designer Astrid Krogh uses textiles to illuminate dark spaces. Her many artworks and installations harness the power of natural light, while her illuminated tapestries and neon wallpapers use colour and glare to animate the spaces around them. Whether designed for offices, homes or public spaces, all of Astrid’s works create spectacular effects that transform buildings, interiors and outdoor environments into dreamscapes filled with colour.

Speaking from her studio in Copenhagen, Astrid explains her fascination with natural light. ‘The Nordic light reflects the sky and sea, changing dramatically from season to season,’ she says. ‘I try to capture that in my work by reproducing the different types of light that occur in a single day, or revealing the transitions that happen more slowly throughout the seasons. One minute my textiles can emanate the yellow of dawn, the bright turquoise tones seen at noon or the deep, dark blue that comes as the night approaches. Reproducing the rhythms of natural light can lend a meditative feeling to any space, big or small.’

Astrid’s experiments with luminescence began as she looked for ways to make her artworks more sensory and interactive. She was surprised just how much her artworks could influence body language and mood, noticing that spectators would often tilt their heads upward and smile as they look at works suspended from the ceiling, or bend forward to study details in wall-mounted designs. ‘Soft light and subdued colours have a positive effect on people and they turn their bodies to face them,’ Astrid explains. ‘Humans instinctively dislike harsh light, but we do have an innate appreciation of light that emits beautiful colours…’

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