Our Linen Stories

Image by Felicity Bristow

Image by Felicity Bristow

A new exhibition, beginning its tour at Custom Lane in Leith before going on display around Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Netherlands, tells the story of flax and linen as seen through the eyes of leading artists and designers. Titled Our Linen Stories, this show aims to rekindle Scotland’s love of linen in the 21st century.

The exhibition celebrates the roles that flax and linen have played in the past – telling tales of weavers and workers, of migrant skills, and of trade routes and industrial might. It also shows what’s being done with the material today, and how it can help us build a sustainable, innovative, high tech future.

‘When people think of Scottish textiles it’s often tartans, tweeds and Paisley shawls that spring to mind,’ says John Ennis, the man behind this initiative. ‘But linen should be up there too,’ he continues. ‘Its role in the story of Scotland was huge but it’s slipping out of history and at risk of being forgotten.’

Featuring work by over a dozen exhibitors, the show includes new work by textile artist Linda Green, alongside the work of Dutch designer Christien Meindertsma, among many others.

The Our Linen Stories tour will include Selkirk, Kirkcaldy, Badenoch, Lisburn and Amsterdam.

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