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The V&A described Patricia Roberts as “the first British designer to elevate hand knitting to the realms of high fashion” so any knitters with moderately good skills and the desire to gain more should consider her forthcoming workshop at Les Soeurs Anglaises. Over five days participants will be guided through techniques, including the intarsia method used for her patterns and yarns. Quote Selvedge when booking you’ll receive Patricia Roberts knitting materials worth £50. Colour and Stitch Mixology with Patricia Roberts, 28 April-4 May 2014,

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  • Alison Fitzgerald on

    Oh my!! This takes me back to the days of my youth. We had a Patricia Roberts pattern book at home and my dear Mum used to knit the creations covered in bobbles and different surfaces for me and I loved it as no none else had them. i remember her moaning like mad when i picked a particular design with a little up-turned collar and covered in bobbles top be knitted in black – her poor eyes! Wonderful to be reminded.

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