Polly Leonard's Pulse Picks


It is great to see a design duo as established as Thornback and Peel taking risks and coming up with new ideas. Their new pink rabbit and cabbage puts me in mind of a traditional Tile de Jouy, with a twist. Untitled Beatrice Larkin’s work appeals to the weaver in me. I love the way the pattern is the structure and vice versa. I am particularly drawn to her monochrome collection where she plays with the scale. Untitled Bohemian design's storage baskets have vibrant dynamic design that respect the structure and integrity of Moroccan weaving. They are a great cheer up purchase. liv_rugs_3_2015_page_04 I love both Scandinavian design sensibility and the asian artisan tradition. Tina and Asad combine these two elements into the Liv Interiors offering of beautifully crafted rugs with a clean, crisp contemporary designs. susy pilgrim waters Suzy Pilgrim Waters has imbued her textile designs with the same sense of colour and design as is evident in her illustration. But the textiles have more, an exquisite handle and drape. See these designers and more at this year's Pulse at Olympia London 15 May 2016 to 17 May 2016

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