Polly Leonard's trip to Stockholm


What a thrill to receive the latest Gudrun Sjödén catalogue though the letter box, not only because it features her new collection photographed in Venice and Murano where we travel to in our March issue –  the colours and faded charm of the city complement each other beautifully – but also because my daughter and I are featured in it. Wow – What a thrill and something I never expected in my life. Untitled Last summer on a balmy joyous day in July, Liberty, myself  and  half a dozen other colourful women descended on Stockholm's old town. Gudrun's team of Monica, Anna and Asa pampered and preened us along with a group of charming and talented models. We were made to feel extremely comfortable by the photographer Mats Widen whom I had met previously when visiting the exhibition Gudrun had at the Kulturen Museum in Lund 2014. IMG_3046[2] We were a democratic group of women of all shapes and sizes who captured the spirit of the brand. The clothes are so comfortable and easy to wear but most of all for me it is the colour that makes them so special. Naturally shy in my dress I braved coloured tights and stripes in a rainbow of hues all imbued with energy and vitality – we all felt strong, confident and beautiful. polly and liberty If you have not tried Gudrun yet why not visit their London store in Monmouth street where Sofie and her team will make you feel most welcome and introduce you to these special clothes. gudrum Now months later Liberty, who is thirteen, is still in awe of the confidence and poise of professional models. I have a group of new friends  Ingmari Lamy  a swedish model, with whom I chatted about our mutual friend Bess Nielsen and her love of textiles. Daniela Gariulo a dress making blogger and Instagram enthusiast whom I now follow for inspiration and Myfanwy Nixon who's  lively illustration grace Gudrun's website. Untitled All in all I loved my day as a model and can't wait to visit Stockholm again in on March 8th (International Woman's Day) when I will be on the judging panel for the Gudrun Sjödén's Most Colourful Woman of the Year competition.

Gudrun Sjödén

65-67 Monmouth Street 32 Marylebone High Street PastedGraphic-1 copy      

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  • Phyllis Fredendall on

    The stripes are so Finnish! So Marimekko! Gudrun must be paying homage.

  • Elaine on

    I only have 2 pieces of Gudrun’s clothing (a sweater and coat) from a campaign a couple of years ago but I sure do love them. Love to have lots more!

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