Last Days: Prevent This Tragedy

We are the walking dead, we hold this ghost in our arms
We take our daily breath and thank our unlucky stars

The lyrics of the song Prevent This Tragedy by Alkaline Trio are infused with pain and hurt, yet they are beautiful. It is perhaps for this reason that curators Martin Mayorga and Vanessa Murrell chose to use the song's title as the name for an exhibition by DATEAGLE ART

This week is the last chance to see this exhibition, which showcases the work of nine artists asked to interpret the theme of 'tragedy' in their own way. The result is a deeply thought-provoking display of materiality, ephemerality and uncertainty that reflects multiple perspectives on the theme. Visitors to the exhibition are asked to reflect upon the harsh reality of contemporary issues, including migration, industry and the media. This can sometimes be unsettling, forcing the viewer to become keenly aware of their own position in society. The juxtaposition of natural and industrial imagery also invites contemplation of man's manipulation of the natural world. 

The artists behind the works on display all hail from varied artistic disciplines. Vasilis Asimakopoulos is a contemporary sculptor who frequently touches upon the themes of dystopia, apocalypse and new life in his work. Evy Jokhova is a multi-disciplinary artist whose practice is rooted in the dialogue between social anthropology, architecture, philosophy and art. She works with sculpture, installation, drawing, film, performance and painting. Jim Woodall is also a multi-disciplinary artist, who explores our relationship with the built environment and reflects upon how technology and digital media affect this relationship. 

Other artists featured are Simon Callery, Jodie Carey, Simon Linington, Nika Neelova, Frances Richardson, and Andrea V Wright.

Until 14 November 2018. Post_Institute Von Goetz Art, 41 Acre Lane, Brixton
London, SW2 5TN United Kingdom

Images by DATEAGLE. Blog post by Jessica Edney

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