Ptolemy Mann


Ptolemy Mann's hand dyed and woven pieces may at a glance appear to be paintings but up close her knowledge of colour theory and skilful weaving make for far more unusual and complex textile works.


As well as making one off commissioned artworks, Mann produces textiles for the home, her signature colour gradations continuing throughout her work. It's unsurprising that Mann has also established her own colour consultancy service - specialising in colour for architectural facades - not only because colour is so clearly a huge part of her work but her understanding of how it reads in space gives her art an architectural feel. Furthermore, Mann works with a modern day Bauhaus philosophy of both her art and goods production, so there are architectural ideas running throughout her practice.

You may recognise her work from previous issues of Selvedge magazine. Including 60, our 'knit' issue.

Ptolemy Mann currently has a 50% sale on selected artworks and rugs. Email: for further enquires.



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