Raw Colour - Blend


Dutch studio Raw Colour's exhibition, 'Blend' at the Aram Gallery is a lively mix of interactive installations, photography, film and textile work. The title Blend refers to both how the studio approaches colour within its work, and also its interdisciplinary nature, referencing the flow of ideas between self-initiated and client work.


Featured within the show is their installation piece, 'Chromatology'. An installation based on paper shredders, each connected with a motion sensor and fed by coloured paper rolls. The machines are triggered by the pure presence of the viewer in front of it allowing to activate each machine separately and influencing the colour mixing of the falling paper rain. The visual blending of the paper shreds plays with the perception of colour mixing.


The installation was developed as part of the exhibition ‘The Vincent Affair’ curated by Edhv and Wendy Plomp which explored different qualities of the artist's practice. Raw Colour took his ability to use multiple colours alongside each other as their focal point, which later led to their motion-sensor shredders.

Open until 29 October 2016 Chromatology_8  

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