The Language Of Linen

Guest post by Ruby Wilson

'Good design is sustainable design,' says fashion tycoon Imran Amed, and this is a statement that echoes the ethos of Ren London. With climate change becoming an undeniable issue it is time we start looking at the environmental impacts of our clothing. Ren of Ren London is a fashion forward designer; using natural linen to create clothes and homeware that is beautiful, sustainable and ethical.

Inspired by her grandmother who worked in a textiles mill for over 40 years, and the fact that much of her childhood home was filled with linen, Ren has always had an affinity with the fabric. She is aware of the potential impact that any textile product has on the environment, which is why she is passionate about natural fibres that are also ethically sourced. Ren explains, 'not only are the fabrics beautiful to have in your home or to wear, but they are much better for the environment.'

Every part of Ren’s process is environmentally conscious. The linen is block-printed using wooden offcuts that come from the furniture making process. In line with the natural approach to the products, the simplicity of each design feels organic and unique. Of course block printing is an extremely time consuming process, but the care put into it only adds to the overall quality of each piece. The designing process, which involves mixing new colours, sketching patterns and printing test swatches is Ren’s favourite part. She also loves being given bespoke projects, 'which can be a little challenging, but usually really rewarding.'

Ren is inspired by abstract art, nature and travel. Here at selvedge, we are inspired by Ren’s dedication to producing environmental friendly products that are ethically sourced.

Ren London will be exhibiting work at the Selvedge Christmas Fair  in London's Kings Cross this Saturday 2 December. To find out more and to book your place, click here.

To receive 2 for 1 advance tickets, use code SVF17 at the checkout.

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