REthink January

Party season is now over and everyone is back at work. The Christmas decorations have all been put away until next year and all the children are back at school. Perhaps the thought of the colour and sparkle of the holidays fading away fills you with dread -  many of us are apt to feel the January blues after New Year. However, though it might be grey and cold outside, January is the perfect time to change up the decor inside. Candles make all the difference in the months when darkness arrives so soon in the day. Brightening up living spaces with colour is also a great way to lift the mood. 

RE-found objects is a lifestyle company that sources interesting and unique objects from around the world, run by two former fashion designers: Simon Young and Jenny Vaughan. Every item has a story of its own, and many products help to support community projects, such as this intricately designed candle holder.


These beautiful charmed decorations are handmade by Egyptian women as part of a project which teaches them the skills, and supplies the raw materials needed, to earn a living. All the workers are single women and the project allows them to work from home giving them a steady income to support their families. Each woman then teaches a neighbour or relative, so the circle of support widens.

Perhaps party season isn't quite over for you yet. Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, or some other kind of celebration, some elaborate paper party hats will certainly bring joy (see above). Made by rural women in Bangladesh, these hats are hand blocked with traditional designs, overprinted in gold and trimmed with a newspaper plume.

There is no danger of a gloomy January with these woven baskets around! Handmade by the Mixtecs, and other indigenous peoples of Mexico, these baskets are keeping the ancient art of palm weaving alive.

Bring colour and light into your home this New Year and banish winter blues!

Blog post by Jessica Edney

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