Selvedge awards at New Designers


The first Selvedge Award for Excellence goes to Louise Beck from London Metropolian University. Louise's prints were in a corner but they instantly caught our attention. Sugary subject matter is given dark and mysterious overtones – carousel horses rise up in frenzied gaiety and her fairytale forest threatens to engulf the viewer. In impeccably drawn prints Louise captures the moment when dreams turn into nightmares. Contact her at

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  • Melly Testa on

    I love this woman’s work! Good stuff.

  • Zelia on

    they look awsome!

  • Nene-Indeya on

    Definitely eye catching!!

  • Karen Guile-Ravenscroft on

    Very textured and rich with hints of hidden worlds.Great!

  • Olly on

    Really gorgeous! No wonder it was chosen for an award! Xx

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