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Selvedge has always sought out textiles and objects with a story to tell so it's with great excitement that for the first time we're adding our voice to the design process. Selvedge is delighted to announce that we are collaborating with the best designers in their field to create products tailored to our discerning audience. We have several projects in the pipeline for 2015 but we begin with a bedtime story... Long-time readers of Selvedge will be familiar with the name Bess Nielsen, the founder of Khadi & Co was featured in Issue 44 and her beautiful hand spun, hand woven scarves are part of our drygoods range. Bess has lived and worked in India and has found enduring inspiration in the country's approach to textiles. So when we decided that we wanted to create beautiful pyjamas we knew where to turn. Our idea was simple – pyjamas that replace fuss and frills with handmade khadi fabric and an indigo dye process that has hundreds of years of history. The result is a perfect storm of textile excellence – the depth of the midnight blue is  accentuated by red piping and buttons and the cut is generous to ensure comfortable pyjamas that anyone would love to curl up in. pajama-standing-up Naturally they appealed to textile designer Katherine May, pictured wearing them, indigo is just one strand of her work but it's one that always draws her back. "I'm definitely under its spell and will always dip back into it " she explains. " The process is almost sensory overload – it's constantly changing, completely absorbing – the vat of dye, it seems almost alive! And when you add to that the fact that this dyeing process happens in so many parts of the world – it's universal and unites people – you realise indigo really does stand out." khadi-quilts-behind Created to the highest standard we hope these pyjamas will become treasured favourites, washed and worn until they soften into a second skin. Launched in time for Christmas, we have a small collection of ten pairs,  they would make a memorable gift for anyone who dreams of truly beautiful textiles. Indigo-dyed, khadi pyjamas and morning coat, designed by Khadi and Co exclusively for Selvedge Magazine, from £195.95 available at

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  • ruby t on

    I would not want to leave the house if I had these as they look so good and comfortable.

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