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Inspired by Jane Austen's passion for needlework (Issue 34, p 34-35), we have been browsing our bookshelves contemplating which of her novels to indulge in. This week we will be reading 'Emma' as the first text of the new Selvedge book club. We'd love to hear your comments on the text online... Read more: 'Fashion in the Time of Jane Austen' by Sarah Jane Downing Available from Selvedge, £5.99 T: +44 (0) 20 8341 9721

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  • Clare Lavis on

    I love reading Jane Austen, and am constantly re reading all of her books, sometimes I read them very slowly to savour the humour and atmosphere she creates. Other times i read them fast, to remind me of the wonderful romantic and social plots of intrigue. I also watch the many films and tv adaptations available when at a loose end of an evening! And now i am so familiar with the plots i can safely knit, crochet or quilt and still enjoy the entertainment that Jane Austen has left us.

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