Selvedge talks to Cecilie Telle


Originally from Norway, Cecilie Telle has a natural affinity with wool and hand crafting. A love of traditional crafts, form and colour, creates the foundation of everything she makes. Many of Telle's designs have a round pleasing shape with no apparent seams, and a tactility which is irresistible. With an eclectic sense of colour, her combinations are often surprising, and always pleasing to the eye. All items are knitted, felted and crafted in her studio in London, and she is involved in every aspect of production and design. s2w What made you start working with textiles? I have always knitted, so it was not something I consciously chose to do, it was always part of my culture and life. What is it about textiles that captured your attention? The fact that you can make something three dimensional from a single thread, a piece of cloth. It’s magical. I am fascinated by the transformation of matter from one thing to another. I love how time is slowed down during the making process. It’s like meditation. s7w What inspires you? Forms. Traditional crafts and their wisdom. Colour, texture. Who inspires you? Makers everywhere. Ancient makers from indigenous cultures. What is your favourite part of the process of sourcing/making/doing what you do? Knitting, and making something truly functional that really works. s12w What’s the hardest part, what do you dislike? Money. Paperwork. Where do you live and why have you chosen to be here? London. Freedom to live the life I want to live in amongst so many diverse cultures. What’s your ideal Sunday? Walking in nature with family and friends. Knitting. s4w If you could fly anywhere in the world tomorrow where would you go and why? Columbia. Mountains. To see baskets made in the traditional way, by the people there. What’s your favourite colour? That changes a lot. Blue is perhaps a constant. What are you reading at the moment? Fugle Tribunalen by Agnes Ratvan. Norwegian Author.

Make sure to visit Cecilie’s stall, along with a carefully chosen collection of others at our Merchant’s Fair.

26 November

St Augustine’s Church Hall, Highgate, London N6 5BB


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    These are beautiful!

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