Selvedge Talks to... Ruth Emily Davey


Ruth Emily Davey has been hand-making shoes for over twelve years. We love her designs - not only because they are beautifully made and will last a life-time but because we haven't seen any other hand made shoes quite like hers. What made you start working with textiles? My love for them! How they are made and the history behind them. What is it about textiles that captured your attention? The craftsmanship behind them and the sheer beauty and monumental work that goes into hand crafted textiles unnamed-1 What inspires you? Making footwear for people to fulfil their dream of provide lifelong comfort for their feet. Who inspires you? My customers and other Makers. What is your favourite part of the process of sourcing/ making/ doing what you do? Seeing the pieces of fabric come to life when stitching together into a pair of shoes. yjstfg What’s the hardest part, what do you dislike? When a commission goes wrong or when the materials are new so they may be harder to work out and may require many prototypes..and lots of headaches. Where do you live and why have you chosen to be here? The Dyfi Valley.. for the fresh air, the beautiful countryside, the community and the people.  tjgh What’s your ideal Sunday? Not looking at the clock! relaxing with no appointments with my husband and our 2 year old daughter If you could fly anywhere in the world tomorrow where would you go and why? Hmm. I LOVE visiting new places and get so inspired by what I find. My study into textiles took me to Japan and Mexico this year, I would like to keep researching by visiting Guatemala, India and Sri Lanka amongst many others.  What’s your favourite colour? At the moment.. Gold dhtg What are you reading at the moment? Harry potter, The order of the phoenix!

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  • Sheila brayden on

    Where can I go to purchase these wicked cute shoes…prices???

  • Ally on

    hm2&#m8m30; let’s see, been quilting for 20 years now! WOW, I can hardly believe that! I started when I was 19 I guess I would say I am fairly skilled, but certainly prefer some techniques over others! I am sort of leaning toward art quilting right now…

  • Patricia Malarcher on

    Delicious shoes!! I love your sense of color!

  • Patricia Malarcher on

    Delicious shoes! I love your sense of color.

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