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Susie Petrou collects antique textiles and restores, repairs and re-purposes vintage finds. What made you start collecting and working with textiles? My background is in fashion and textiles, which has often involved me living and working abroad. I’ve always loved collecting and sourcing – particularly antique textiles, clothing, and anything that catches my eye, which has an interesting story. It’s this interest that led to me to work with Kath from Parna. What is it about textiles that captured your attention? My background is in fashion and textiles. I studied at the RCA, and I have worked in fashion design and forecasting. eer What inspires you? Seeing exhibitions, discovering interesting textiles and clothing, photography, film and travelling to new destinations, vintage Kenzo, Meek’s Cutoff (the film), Clementina Hawarden’s photographs of her daughters, Josef Manes (19th Century watercolour studies of Czech women in folk costume), and more... Who inspires you? Vermeer, Rinko Kawauchi (Japanese photographer), Ines de la Fressange, Jessica Ogden…… What is your favourite part of the process of sourcing and designing? In sourcing I am always excited when I find a piece of antique textiles or clothing. I am also thrilled when I see the finished result of an embroidery pattern I have designed, or a finished item of clothing that has either been repaired or given new life. What’s the hardest part, what do you dislike? It’s always hard to part with textiles and items of clothing that I have sourced and worked with over time. Untitled Where do you live and why have you chosen to be here? I live in Hove. I love living by the sea, which has beautiful light, even on a grey day. What’s your ideal Sunday? To spend the morning at a flea market in Paris, followed by a visit to the Musee Rodin in the afternoon. If you could fly anywhere in the world tomorrow where would you go and why? I would love to go to Japan, because I find the culture so spiritual and exciting. r What’s your favourite colour? Prussian blue. What are you reading at the moment? Summer Book by Tove Jansson Susie will be joining us for this years Selvedge Artisan Fair. 21 May Tickets now available here. BANNER

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