Sewing Paradise: a Sisterhood through Suzani


Sewing Paradise is a celebration of the contribution women make to the world through their creative talents. The features Manina Baumann's magnificent collection of hand-embroidered Uzbek suzanis as well as art works that have been created in response to these Central Asian textiles. 20_6_12_46_52_PM_sew_exhib_06 Curated by Michael Chandler, the all-female exhibition aims to explore the notion of the inner-garden; a timeless metaphor for a state of ideal beauty and harmony. Exhibiting local and international artists, the show will also feature lesser-known works by Irma Stern, who herself was an ardent textile enthusiast and collector. 20_2_11_22_40_AM_sew_exhib_02 Sewing Paradise: a Sisterhood through Suzani The University of Cape Town
Irma Stern Museum
Until 30 July

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