Simple subtraction – back issues from £3.48


We don't know if it was Wolfgang Pauli and his exclusion principle or the genius that was Sir Isaac Newton who established that two objects cannot occupy the same space at the same time. But we do know that this afternoon we took delivery of 91 boxes of the latest issue 65 (The Pop Issue is a gorgeous explosion of colour!) and came face to face with the practical implications.

No matter how we stack them (and they are not even difficult shapes) we just can't squeeze these brand new issues into shelves already filled with our beautiful back issues. So here's the good news – for a limited time back issues of Selvedge are half price to make space.


A quick calculation shows some issues will be just £3.48 and that adds up to a fantastic deal...

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  • Tomas on

    That inihsgt’s perfect for what I need. Thanks!

  • Gill on

    Hello, i am very confused about the price of the back issues. On this page it says that some issues will be £3.48, but I could not find a single one at that price. Some issues are £28, which is far more than the original price, how can some issues be so much more than others? I was hoping to order several back issues, but as they cost more than they did in the first place I have changed my mind.

    Regards, Gill.

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