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If you'd like to find out more about collecting contemporary textiles then put your name on the guest list for one of the Whitworth's social events. This week you can spend an evening in the company of Nita Thakore, one of India's leading textile artists, and established artists, Anne Morrell and Rachael Howard. If you would like to attend rsvp to Leanne Lightfoot by 4 March,, T: 0161 275 7463. The event takes place on Thursday 5 March, 6-8pm

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  • Christina Hedberg on

    I live in Washington DC where we have lots of warm weather and I hang out my laundry every chance I get. It makes a big difference to my electricity bill and I love the it makes sheets and towels feel. It is ironic to me that folks are using electricity to cool our homes and heat our laundry at the same time. I let mother nature do the job.

  • Annie Taylor on

    I am so excited to campaign with you about turning off the clothes dryer. I love hanging my laundry on the line so much so that I often photograph it. It gives me great pleasure. I am always shocked by my power bill when I have used the drier. It is a really energy sucker. I am writing from Austin, Texas, USA.

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