“Making and consuming becomes a moral and political act,” writes artist and weaver Andrea Donnelly; “a statement of values.” In her latest solo exhibition “Sound Structure” at the Work Program Architects gallery in Norfolk, Virginia, this attentive state of mind is made and unmade many times over through her large scale, woven installations. Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 17.31.27 Having initially trained in fine art, Donnelly patiently hand-weaves all of her cloth before undoing this entire process again to make her textiles-turned-sculptures. Exhibiting her latest work in a space that branches off from an architecture office does not go unnoticed by Donnelly, who says that the series of works she has produced for this show act as “a reflection of my experience, from within the privacy of my studio and out into the public domain, of opening up my artistic practice and creative energy to functional work.” detail-drawing-of-the-next-CrownJewelProject-piece.-An-all-silk-doubleikat.-Shes-called-LovelyEccent Donnelly’s work delves into the innate pleasures of textiles looking at the colour, pattern, texture and material of fabric as a language with which to articulate the world around her. To aid this ambition she has begun drawing, and a selection of works on paper accompany the woven works in this show. She also exhibits a mixed media artwork titled “The Dancer and the Architect” that plays with the active nature of her cloths and drawings by way of sound and structure. Patience9-1-1024x779 As the artist explains, “this exhibition presents works that celebrate the structure of woven line and the unique colour theory of woven cloth. Taken together, they create a complex and vibrant symphony.” Closing on the 31st of March with an artist reception in the gallery on Friday March 24th, this exhibition sets out not just to look at cloth in a whole new way, but to use it as a means of looking in the first place.  

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