The Perfect Last Minute Gift

Guest post by Ruby Wilson

As we approach Christmas day it is the perfect time to consider the quality of presents we bestow. With throwaway gifts far too common during the festive season, we prefer gifts that are truly made to last  and a magazine is, without doubt, one of them.

Our publication is made for textile lovers. Approaching the subject from a range of angles, whether that be social, political, cultural or historical, with every article produced we hope to inspire and inform. Our gift subscription allows for the lucky receiver to be posted or given a digital copy of the magazine bi-monthly for a subscription length of your choice. We ship internationally as well, so that nobody who wants to enjoy Selvedge misses the opportunity.

In our most recent issue, ‘Luna’, we take a look at the phenomenal embroidery by Britta Marakat-Labba, entitled Historja. The embroidery depicts the area that is more commonly known as Lapland. The local name for this territory is Sapmi, and the embroidery delicately depicts the Sami people, from those representing Britta’s ancestors and others depicting how the Sami work with nature, not against it.

In last year's November/December 'Decorative' issue, we travelled to St Petersburg, to witness its ‘spellbinding combination of style place and time’. We also include some beautiful imagery of the Igigi general store during the festive season to get our readers into the spirit!

Our other festive issues include articles exploring sustainable fashion during the Christmas season and explore the controversial history of fur as a fashion fabric. So, with plenty of articles to whet your appetite for textiles, the Selvedge Magazine gift subscription is bound to delight friends and family this holiday season.

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