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Slow Fashion brand AtelierMorganMarsh champions sustainability. Founders Tina Morgan and Berrin Marsh are committed to producing clothes ethically and sourcing tactile, natural fabrics. The brand offers a limited collection of essential, timeless dresses; contemporary classics, beautifully cut to flatter any figure - investment pieces which can pass down to the next generation as a vintage piece, rather than adding to a landfill.

The “Like Mama” collection is a range of classic dresses and pinafores for little ones aged 2-5 years, using the same soft, sustainable fabrics as the women’s collection.

All dresses are made from breathable, natural fabrics - British silks from the family-run business Bennetts Silk founded in 1904 and Italian tweeds from Texmoda Tessuti, who worked with the GREENPEACE’s DETOX Project, and make use of regenerated wools and cotton to lower the environmental impact on production. Their luxury fine wool crepe is from Graham Smith Fabrics, a family run textile merchant based in Yorkshire. The aim is to cut fabric miles, so the brand sources silk and linen from Turkish natural fibre producers, IPEKIS, founded in 1925. The Like Mama collection also uses cotton made by Spanish textile company Kequco who have a special sensitivity to the care of the environment and sustainable production.  All the garments are ethically handmade in their Atelier in Turkey.

Every touch point of the brand is conscious and elegant – the business cards are made from recycled T-shirts and deliveries are wrapped in acid-free tissue paper, in a recycled box with a biodegradable sleeve.  Atelier MorganMarsh recognises the wonderful work of the charity Mind and they have chosen to support them by donating £5 from every dress sold. 

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