Swiss Army Blankets


‘Be prepared’, the Boy Scout motto, applies to the Swiss too. In fact, it is thanks to their famed efficiency and forward thinking that the classic Swiss Army blanket can still be found in considerable numbers. The blankets were manufactured from the end of the 1900’s until the early 60s and their intended use was keeping troops warm if the Swiss became involved in a war. Fortunately they never did and – as romance would have it – stacks of the blankets were stored in caves in the Swiss Alps for many peaceful decades. Every once in a while a limited number of these blankets, brand-new and unused, become available.
You would expect an 'army blanket' to be produced – rather than 'made' – uniformly and with little personality or care. However, in this case you'd be completely wrong. Each one is  marked with the initials of the maker and its production year. They are handmade from pure sheep's wool and (as time has proved) are virtually indestructible. Large-blacketscloseup
Because each blanket is completely individual, they all vary beautifully between grey and brown in colour – as an institutional, let alone military 'tool', they are remarkable in their varying personalities. We are lucky enough to have a collection of these blankets in excellent condition available from the Selvedge shop.
Available online here or, if you'd like to see one in the flesh, from our shop.
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