The January Selvedge Sale: Week 2

For the second week of the January Selvedge Sale, we're now offering 30% off all goods in our January sale range with the code JANUARY. And since we're still cleaning up bits and bobs left over from the holidays, we thought that today would be the perfect day to dedicate our blog to Iris Hantverk's wonderful wooden brushes...

Dedicated to supporting visually impaired craftspeople, Iris Hantverk produce gorgeous handmade brushes from their workshop in Stockholm. Using Swedish traditions to guide their production process, each and every brush is made with horse hair and locally sourced wood, such as birch and oak. Established originally in the early 1900s, this unique company underwent a seismic change only six years ago, when their funding was dramatically cut...

Luckily, two craftspeople who worked at the company decided to save Iris Hantverk from extinction. Richard Sparrenhök and Sara Edhäll now run the business, and continue to support the visually impaired community who, in fact, make up some of the world's finest artisans. Now with 14 workers in total, the business continues to grow. Originally born from a small, independent political organisation called 'De blindas förening' dedicated to supporting the visually impaired in 1889, it's clear that Iris Hantverk have since come a long way.

To create their specialist brushes, each artisan begins by sawing, milling and sanding their selected piece of wood. Then, as many as 255 tiny holes are drilled into its surface before individual bundles of bristles are attached to its base by hand. Once it's secure, the brush is then cut and heckled to achieve a beautifully smooth finish. It's rare to see such attention to detail these days  let alone by craftspeople who have difficulty with their vision – so we're especially delighted to have two styles of Iris Hantverk included in our January sale this month; one body brush, and one table brush. Simply see for yourself.

To receive 30% off Iris Hantverk brushes this week, enter the code JANUARY at the checkout.

And you can still receive 12 back issues for the price of 6 simply by entering the code MISTLETOE at the checkout.

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