The January Selvedge Sale: Week 4

For the final week of the January Selvedge Sale, we're now offering 50% off all goods in our January sale range with the code JANUARY. This includes the beautiful work of renowned toy-maker Apolline à Paris...

Improvisation doesn't often work well when it comes to textiles. More often than not, makers and designers have a habit of planning their work meticulously before ever putting needle to thread. Not for Apolline à Paris though. This textiles designer relies on instinct to create her whimsical characters, claiming never ever to put pen to paper.

After first studying in Paris, Apolline divulged in her imagination and began to create a cast of dolls and figures made from cloth. Embracing the gluttonous joys of decoration, embellishment, and a general ‘more really is more’ attitude, she gradually built up her collection of distinctive children’s toys and now sells and exhibits her pieces all around the world.

Renowned for her attention to detail, each one of Apolline’s characters uses its cloth to tell an individual backstory, inspired by her children’s books. Whether it’s found in a basket for picking berries in the woods or in a hat to protect her characters from the sunshine, her spontaneous approach to fabric really pays off.

To receive 50% off all Apolline à Paris products at Selvedge, just enter the code JANUARY at the checkout.

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