The Merchant's Fair


“You can go anywhere in the world and as long as you’re with people who love textiles – you are in some way at home.” – Polly Leonard, Selvedge Founder. 1REBECCASAIXBleu-Anglais Nurturing and promoting the designers and makers who inspire us is crucial to the Selvedge ethos – they are as much a part of our story as we are theirs – without them Selvedge would not exist. The Selvedge Fairs are not only for the designers and makers behind the things we love, they are for the Selvedge readers and community. A literal meeting point for conversation, appreciation and of course the joys of acquiring your very own collection of beautifully made wares.  1CAMBRIDGEIMPRINT1SWOON Opening the Selvedge Advent Festival this year is our Merchant's Fair on Saturday 26 November, where you can shop for fine fabrics from around the world, including haberdashery, kantha stitched quilts, block-printed cottons and antique Chinese indigos. The Makers' Fair, the following Saturday, will host a range of designer-makers all selling their entirely handmade items. THE MERCHANTS' FAIR Saturday 26 November, 11am-5pm £5 for one ticket which will give you entry into both the Merchant's and Maker's Fairs. St Augustine's Church Hall, Highgate, London N6 5BB 1ANNIEMUNDYthe_small_home3  

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