The Royal School of Needlework and Oakwell Couture


Embracing the Haute Couture tradition of 'les petite mains' (which translates as “small hands”) the Royal School of Needlework, in a collaboration with British Couture designer, Nicholas Oakwell, have created possibly their most ambitious project yet. Over six weeks, 18 different shades of hand-dyed ostrich feathers, sourced from British farms, were meticulously sewn by over 70 RSN students, graduates, staff, volunteers and fashion students onto silk organza for this show-stopping piece for the GREAT Britain Campaign. 25 panels and 200,000 ostrich feathers later, the result is stunning and celebrates a brilliant example of British Craft. Read more about the innovative use of ostrich feathers in clothing in Issue 62: Thread

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  • Mari on

    Will save me having to knit both frnots/sleeves/whatever at the same time! enormously less complicated, but the only way I could guarantee they’d come out remotely the same.Thanks!

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