The Timeless Tassel

From the practical to the magical and to power and prestige, tassels have long been symbols of strength. Today, in many elegant homeware designs across the world such as VV Rouleaux’s newest collection of horse hair tassels, they mark the importance of tradition in contemporary textiles.

Worn as talismans in ancient times by society’s priests and military officers, tassels were widely considered to have had mystical properties that warded off evil spirits. Later on, during the 16th century the Guild of Passementiers in France established the art of passementiere, essentially transforming the tassel from a personal charm into a steadfast embellishment of home decor.

From what began as a historic token of spiritual strength, the tassel has since taken on a new kind of economic durability  and with VV Rouleaux’s new collection as a case in point, the tassel truly is timeless.

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