The World of Charles and Ray Eames


Examining the couple from their inner world, office and network, 'The World of Charles and Ray Eames' provides a comprehensive overview of the designers who had such a huge role in defining 20th century design. It seems only fitting that the exhibition should be held at the Barbican art gallery – the Barbican in general is an area of London that was heavily bombed in WWII, as a result it was largely rebuilt in a Brutalist style, and is, whether to your liking or not, indicative of one 20th century design narrative. A kind of real life Tracy island. fhgfhgfgh Charles and Ray Eames were driven by philosophical ideals that favoured knowledge, discovery and discipline. They embraced the potential of technology and science for the common good; and saw no separation between life and work. Although they're particularly famous for their chair designs, the couple's portfolio ranged from architecture, furniture, graphic and product design, to painting, drawing, film, sculpture, photography, multi-media installation and exhibitions, as well as new models for education. kytfhgfhgf Along with a strong collection of Eames designs, the show includes material which highlights the importance of their personal relationships with some of the other notable designers of the time. Their social circle included Buckminster Fuller, Isamu Noguchi, Eero Saarinen, Saul Steinberg and Billy Wilder. The World of Charles and Ray Eames Barbican Art Gallery 21 October - 14 February  

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