Totally Tweed


Tweed, originally made and worn in Scotland, densely woven and flecked with brightly coloured yarns, was designed to keep out the chill of a bitter Scottish winter. Whether it's elite families on their highland estates or the mods and rockers of the 60’s, this iconic fabric has never ceased to be wearable. Tweed has become symbolic within our culture and, like tea drinking and cricket, is now considered quintessentially British. This year the Museum of London is hosting a Sherlock Holmes exhibition and has been working with a team of designers, weavers and seamstresses to produce a "Sherlock Holmes tweed" inspired by London in the character's time. Take a look at this video all about the production of this illustrious cloth and its history.


Pick up a copy of issue 60 and read our article by photographer Ian Lawson all about the work of art that is Harris Tweed.

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