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The character and success of brands such as Coca Cola, Camper and Estee Luader as well as the ubiquity of phrases and USPs such as ethical and freetrade fasihon are in part all down to one woman – Lidewij Edelkoort, the infamous Dutch trend forecaster.
Edelkoort travels the world studying the evolution of socio-cultural trends before sharing this information with her clients in industries as diverse as fashion, textiles, interiors, cars, cosmetics, retail and food. Under her Paris-based company Trend Union, Edelkoort creates trend books two or more years ahead that are tools used by strategists, designers and marketeers at international brands. turning in circles Predicting the mood two years in advance is no mean feat and Edelkoort clearly possesses an extraordinary and to some invaluable gift for reading culture. For insight into the meanings and roles of coming trends and seasons, Edelkoort's trend forecasting presentations are unmissable. Edelkoort's next presentation EMANCIPATION will reveal her Spring / Summer 2017 season's trends for Colour and Fashion and will be followed by TURNING IN CIRCLES her Lifestyle 2017 presentation. 30 November Ham Yard Hotel Basement Theatre Edelkoort is also responsible for the influential and beautiful fashion collection and organisation 'Heartwear'.

Image Credits: Portrait: Marie Taillefer, Emancipation: Image ‘CORPO’ by Andrea Branzi, Turning in circles: Photo - Daniel Costa & Juliette Chretien


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