Ulla Forsel


"No other material has this magical dimension of invisibility." Using illustrations taken from 18th century etchings by the German botanist Georg Dionysius Ehret and the bird imagery from the English naturalist and water-colourist Eleazar Albin, the Swedish glass artist Ulla Forsel's work has a distinct combination of prettiness, fragility and practicality. The motifs are screen-printed onto the glass panels and then fired. Finally, a mirror coating is applied to the back of the panel that creates a darker undertone. Her coloured sheets of glass are made using the traditional technique of blowing cylinders that are then cut open and flattened while hot. Her first solo show is on at Flow Gallery until 3 September.

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  • Barbara Hill on

    Absolutely glorious, so fragile, so exquisitely fine yet timeless -absolute joy to own and place where the light would enhance them.The glasses took my breath away with their beauty.

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